8 Mar

Josephine Baker conference by Martine Biard - Friday, March 08 - 6:30 pm - Espace Feuillade, Lunel

Martine Biard, author, historian, poet and performer, presents a lecture on Joséphine Baker, the first black woman to enter the Panthéon!
American-turned-French, she reached the heights of Mistinguett and Edith Piaf, and heralded the arrival of Nelson Mandela and Angelina Jolie. Millions of fans acclaimed her all over the world, so in Lunel, "Osez Joséphine!
Martine Biard will show you, in the context of the times, how a precocious, talented temperament is transformed into universal recognition.

Open to all? Admission free, subject to availability.

Information : 04 67 87 83 94