9 Mar

Theater "Je deviens ce que je suis, Gérard Christol, un avocat raconte et se raconte" by Cie Le Passage du temps - Saturday, March 09 - 8pm - Espace Castel - Lunel

Gérard Christol?s theatrical experience goes back over 60 years, when he played in a troupe organized by a well-known pharmacist in Lunel, then at college with his Spanish and Provençal teacher, Monsieur Sauveplane, and at the Montpellier Conservatoire.

Fany Vidal writes and directs documentaries on social, cultural and intimate subjects. 30 years after hearing Gérard Christol plead at the Palais de Justice in her native Nîmes, and after reading his book "Je n'ai jamais plaidé que pour moi", she decided to make a film about this atypical character. Unfortunately, the project encountered a number of difficulties in coming to fruition. It was then that they decided to write together: "Je deviens ce que je suis" ("I become what I am"). 60 years on, Gérard Christol is back on stage? But has he really come down from it? For 1 h 15, this storyteller goes back and forth in time. Between intimate accounts and professional experiences, we'll be enlightened on the state of justice and the foundations of the criminal lawyer's profession, while benefiting from his view of people and the world. Passionate about human nature, he is deeply rooted in his region, and makes us feel the full force of his roots. This show starts from introspection and echoes within us all.

Suitable for all audiences aged 12 and over ? Free admission
Subject to availability

Information : 04 67 87 83 94