19 Mar

Theater "Petit enfer" by Sylvain Levey by Cie Création Ephémère - Tuesday, March 19 - 8pm - Espace Georges Brassens - Lunel

In Jean?s family, we get together once a year, every year at the end of August, and every time it?s the ball of hypocrisies, the continuation of unspoken words, the little settling of scores between cheese and dessert. Will Jean finally say who he really is this year? Nothing is certain, unless someone helps him. Imagine a summer reunion in a small house by the sea in Normandy, set against a backdrop of family unpacking? Secrecy, a source of imagination, creation, animation and transmission, unites or disunites. It makes us intimate and collective. Petit Enfer invites us to reflect on human relationships, alternating between comic and more serious moments.

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Price: 5 ? to 17 ?

Information : 04 67 22 03 78