22 Mar

Concert in aid of the Ligue Contre le Cancer "La Bise à madame chante Brassens" - Friday 22nd March - 9pm - Espace Georges Brassens - Lunel

In aid of the Ligue Contre le Cancer
Blue March, colorectal cancer screening awareness month. What could be more natural than to pay tribute, at the Espace Brassens, to the great Georges, who died in 1981 of bowel cancer? L? Antenne Lunelloise de la Ligue Contre le Cancer has invited the Sétois group "La Bise à Madame", who compose festive, joyful French chanson, with influences from Latin America, the Slavic countries, and the north and south of France? For the centenary of Georges Brassens?s birth in 2021, the group has come up with the show La Bise à Madame chante Brassens, offering its interpretation of selected pieces from his immense repertoire, in the style of cumbia, reggae and French ballroom chanson, letting our imaginations roam freely, with the idea of sharing the elegance of the lyrics and the joy of the music,
and maybe even dance, all together.

Price: 17 ?

Contact: Ligue contre le Cancer Lunel & 06 50 23 71 68