8 Jun

La Cavalerie enchantée by Jean-François Pignon - Saturday, June 08 - 9:30 PM - Arènes San Juan de Lunel

All the art and discipline of horsemanship, not to mention the love of the horse, will be on show at this "Cavalerie enchantée" 2024! First and foremost, the biggest names will be on hand to present their finest acts in their respective disciplines, and Jean-François Pignon will be making his return to the ring at the Lunel Arena!
la Cavalerie Enchantée", this equestrian show is a "rendez-vous" for the world's finest artists. The spectacular staging reveals the prowess and talent of each performer, always arousing emotion and admiration. For its 6th edition, the Cavalerie Enchantée offers an even more breathtaking show, with the presence of master showman Jean-François Pignon and a host of the world's finest equestrian artists!

Information and reservations: and 06 31 13 19 01

Prices: 26? and 41?