6 Jul

Nadau in concert - Saturday July 06 - 9pm - Arènes San Juan de Lunel.

In 2023, Occitan band Nadau celebrates its 50th anniversary. Sold-out concerts, additional dates? So successful, in fact, that the party continues for Nadau, with several dates scheduled for 2024! And the musicians of this south-western group, who sing in Occitan, will be in Lunel on July 6 to set the arenas alight!

Born in 1973, the group Nadau or Los de Nadau ("Christmas" or "Those of Christmas" in Gascon, Bearnais and Occitan) is at the frontier between Gascon and Occitan culture. It shines as a symbol of Occitan style. From small villages to big cities, from small stages to large Parisian venues, the band's destiny has been extraordinary. For those who don't know Nadau, it's the Landes bagpipes battling it out with the electric guitar, the traditional song frying itself and rubbing shoulders with the music. To their credit: 4 Zénith, 4 Olympia and thousands of people singing and dancing at every concert! Nadau is also a bilingual show combining humor, impertinence, tenderness and poetry. Over 1000 concerts, 13 albums, more than 60,000 records sold. The band's videos have been viewed over 40 million times on YouTube!

Today, Nadau is an emblem of Occitan song in Gascony, Languedoc and Béarn, even for those who don't speak Occitan.

Prices: 25? and 35?

Information and reservations: and 06 31 13 19 01