2 Jun

Sunday June 2, from 9am to 3pm, meet local farmers and craftsmen and take part in new events on the Saussines trails. It's now a springtime ritual. Local producers and their know-how take over this family trail of 6 capitelles.

This year, to vary the pleasures, you'll be able to watch craftsmen making soap live (capitelle 2) or lemonade (capitelle 4), before savoring it of course. An artistic interlude awaits you at capitelle 3 with a caricaturist from 11am to 1pm. The company Les Improbables also has a few surprises in store.
Departure for a gourmet stroll:
Departure and arrival at Saussines village hall. Registration is compulsory so that you can pick up your purchases on the way out, and thus walk lighter.
The route will start at capitelle 1 with Muscat de Lunel and spirulina products to get you going.
Snack break at capitelle 2 with tasty breads and organic goat's cheese.
At capitelle 4, honeys, olive oil, wines and lemonades.
Then it's off to capitelle 5 for fougasses, natural sourdough pizzas, grilled bulls, charcuterie, vegetables, wines and craft beers. And don't forget the guided tour of the permaculture garden.
Finally, refresh yourself at capitelle 6 with a smoothie (while pedaling) and organic chestnut products.
Return to the village hall to collect your purchases if you have opted for this service.