6 Jun
23 Jun

june 6 to 23 at La Volta
opening on the 6th from 6pm.

Alain Troyas' "Rebelles" exhibition"

Alain Troyas holds a doctorate in philosophy and a diploma in visual arts, two disciplines he teaches in the visual arts department he founded in 1992 at the Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier III. He is known for his critical analysis of contemporary art, notably through a book co-written with Valérie Arrault entitled "Du narcissisme de l?Art Contemporain".
His new exhibition is a series of 16 large-scale figurative portraits, entitled "Rebelles", representing a selection of progressive thinkers through the ages, from which science, poetry, psychoanalysis and, of course, politics cannot be excluded.
The term "Rebels" emphasizes their role as rebels, rebels against conventional ideologies. With this in mind, he dressed them in black jackets, which in the sociological imagination of the French are immediately perceived as such. Representing them in this way symbolizes their "rebelliousness".

june 6 to 23 at La Volta
opening 6pm.

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