A journey through time with the ATLANTIDE application

A new way to discover Lunel !


With the application Atlantide, the Tourist Office of the Pays de Lunel offers you a journey through time: become a very special agent and go on a mission to find the missing field agent.

This application is somewhere between an escape game, a treasure hunt, a treasure hunt or even geocaching...

Thanks to your mobile phone, you can now take a trip back in time and in the history of Lunel. Nothing could be simpler: just download the Atlantide application on Apple store or Google play and it's free!

You will be transformed into an agent for a mission of the utmost importance: you have 1 hour to find the agent who has disappeared... since his mission in Lunel in 1912.

Atlantide needs your help on the spot to follow the trail of the missing agent and complete his mission, making sure that history has not been affected. Starting from the Musée Médard, you have 1 hour to cover the 1.5 km of track and solve the various riddles to save the agent.

Accessible from the age of 12, the mission is carried out without a vehicle and is also intended for people in wheelchairs. Suitable for families as well as for Escape game enthusiasts.