The words of the Camargue tradition

If you'd like to learn more about the secrets of the Camargue tradition, here are a few technical terms!


Arrival of the bulls from the meadows to the bullring.

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Pieces (a rosette, two tassels and the strings) hung around the bull's horns for the race. The hook is used to remove each attribute, and a bonus is paid to the raseteurs.

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Departure of the bulls from the bullring to the meadows.

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Bull name in Occitan


It refers to the entire bullfighting community around the Camargue bull and the geographical area in which it is raised and the games that surround it.


A Camargue bull that has demonstrated its qualities and bravery in the ring.



Outil de fer en forme de griffe, dont se sert le raseteur pour lever les attributs que porte le cocardier.

Camargue cross

Created in 1926, the cross and its gardian tridents express faith, the fishermen's anchor, hope, and the heart, the charity of the saintes Maries. It symbolizes the "Camargue Nation".

Bull run

A bull run in a barricaded area through the streets of a village.

Votive festival

A popular village festival with a bullfighting theme: abrivado, camargue race, encierro, bandido... one after the other.

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Stencilled around the doors by the young people of the village, in return for a financial contribution. The resident who makes the contribution allows the famous empègue (Camargue cross, trident, raseteurs' hook, animals or other symbol linked to the bouvine tradition) to be placed on the door.

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Often a volunteer, he's involved in the life of a manade. He's the herd's guardian.


Old-fashioned day

A day when the local population dresses up in traditional costumes. Travel is by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage, and breakfast is usually served in the meadow.


It can refer to a herd of horses or bulls, and by extension their breeding. The manadier is the owner of the manade.

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Name given to the man dressed in white who competes against the bull in the game of raset.

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Peña (band)

A Spanish-style brass and percussion ensemble that plays during the festival.


At Camargue races, the raseteur uses his hook to remove the cockade attached between the bull's horns, making a wide circular movement to meet the beast. This characteristic movement, which keeps spectators on the edge of their seats, is known as the raset.

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Mare and horse show in the city streets

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A bull trained to help herdsmen maneuver their animals.


Spiked iron used by herdsmen to direct and sort bulls