Saint-Christol / Entre vignes

The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem are thought to have occupied Saint-Christol as early as 1149.

It was a staging post for soldiers, merchants and above all pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem or Santiago de Compostela via St Gilles.
In the 18th century, the village specialized in viticulture, wheat, olives and verdet, made from blue grapes, a dye sold all over Europe.

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Today, Saint-Christol is a production site for A.O.P. and IGP wines: this is the wine list that oenophiles and the simply curious can consult and taste. History also tells us that Saint-Christol wine had the honor of gracing the table of Saint Louis, and later that of Tsar Nicholas II.

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Today, ViaVino, a wine tourism center, has opened its doors: it's an original tourist site with a restaurant, a store selling local produce and wines, empelographic vineyards, an open-air theater for open-air events and a starting point for outdoor activities.

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