The prison tower

This medieval defensive tower ensured the control of the north gate of the battlements of the city, the Notre-Dame gate.

It is served by a Renaissance spiral stairway on three floors.

Upstairs, two dungeons with mason's mark and 300 graffiti, worked in relief in the stone: names, prayers, crosses, liturgical objects, messages, etc... The guard room at the last floor present a remarkable 17th century ceiling in shell stone, a chimney and an objects exposure discovered during the renovation work.

You will visit it with a torch.

The tower as been used as a prison since the religion wars, at the 16th century, until 1917.

Nowadays, it is a surprising musuem with an untouch medieval scenery: the dungeons stays in the darkness, dimly lit by the loopholes. The reception staff lend a torch to visitors that can then discover the texts and drawings of the ancients prisoners, true testimony of their suffering.

The musuem is free. If you wish to visit it with a guide, you will have to pay and book it in advance.