24 Mar
3 Nov

Exhibition "Manu Pero, aficiona et revistero" - From Sunday March 24th to Sunday November 03rd - Grilles du parc Jean Hugo - Lunel

For the past three years, to coincide with the launch of the temporada, the town of Lunel has held an outdoor exhibition on Camargue traditions on the gates of Parc Jean Hugo.

For the 2024 season, the town wanted to draw on the documentary collection bequeathed to it by Manu Pero, a great aficiona and former bullfighting revistero, to highlight some of the great moments in the history of the Francis San Juan bullring. Manu Pero, born in 1928, settled in Saint-Just in 1962 and immediately set out to discover Camargue traditions. Three years later, he had already followed almost two hundred races. Little did he know that he would devote his life to these traditions. He became a bullfighting chronicler in 1973 and remained one for almost 40 years. A true aficiona, he
created the Trophée Pescalune in 1984, demonstrating his attachment to Lunel. This made him a leading figure in the bullfighting world, enabling him to collect a number of archives on Camargue traditions, either through his position as a bullfighting chronicler, or through donations made to him. Wishing to continue his work of transmitting Camargue traditions, Manu Pero has donated this collection to the Archives municipales de Lunel
between 2017 and 2020. The exhibition reflects this busy life. The documents presented, taken from the archives donated to the town, highlight the different facets of Manu Pero?s life:
the revistero and promoter of Camargue culture on the one hand, the aficiona and lover of old documents on the other.

Opening Sunday March 24 at 11:30 am at the Francis San Juan bullring.

All public - Free admission
Information : 04 67 87 83 94