Chemin du Gazon 34400 LUNEL

The Lunel arboretum is an invitation to travel through time. Over an area of 2 hectares, 130 species and 17,000 plants are presented to you through 6 distinct areas retracing the evolution of Mediterranean small-fruited plants (Paleolithic, Neolithic, Gallo-Roman, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary periods).

Spread over 2 hectares and comprising 6 different rooms containing 130 varieties and 17,000 plants, the Arboretum de Lunel brings together a wide variety of Mediterranean trees and shrubs with an unusual central theme: the evolution of Mediterranean berry plants through the ages. The different eras (Paleolithic, Neolithic, Gallo-Roman, mediaeval, modern and contemporary) are presented as “atmospheric” rooms to convey their individual characteristics in the best way possible.
Independently or accompanied by a guide, you can immerse yourself in the secrets of this site and find out how our cultural and natural heritages merge to tell us a story: our story.

Guided tours available by reservation.